2023 Conference

I International Conference on Building Feminist Academia

Organised by Red Feminista de las Ciencias Sociales

Thursday, May 4th 2023, 9.00 – 14.45 hrs. (Chile’s time zone)


Activities (time in Chile)AuthorsPapers’ titles
Welcome by Red Feminista de las Ciencias Sociales 9.00 – 9.15
Session 1: Epistemic Feminism 9.15 – 10.30Mariane Silva Reghim (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)Science: A Gendered Approach
Daniela Miranda (Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidad de Coimbra)Economía Política Feminista: Más Allá De La Cuantificación De Brechas De Género.
María Elena Acuña and Paula Barriga(Universidad de Chile)Analysis of Changes and Theoretical Uses in the Theses of the Magister in Gender and Culture Studies. Mention in Social Sciences from the University of Chile
Javiera Cubillos (Centro de Estudios Urbano Territoriales (CEUT) and Universidad Católica del Maule)Entre una Ética de la Feminidad y una Ética del Placer. Un Marco Analítico para el abordaje de Tensiones encarnadas en la experiencia de Activistas Feministas
          Break        10.30 – 10-50
Session 2: Feminism in educational spaces 10.50 – 12.05Leal Rodriguez (University of Auckland)Saving Whose Face?: Masculinity Construction in One Philippine Private University
Simrit Kaur Deol and Pirkko Markula (University of Alberta)Neoliberal Meritocracy Holds Us Tight in Different Ways: Memory Work of Bipoc Women Graduate Students
Igor Ahedo and Iraide Álvarez (University of the Basque 
Gender Really Matters in Group Work: A Visibilization and Politicization Teaching Sequence / El Género Importa en el Trabajo en Grupo: Una Secuencia Docente de Visibilización y Politización[DSSS1] 
Tarang Mahajan and Gayatri Balu (Jawaharlal Nehru University)Fostering Feminist Research: Transformative Classrooms and Institutional Spaces
     Break 12.05 – 13.30
Session 3: Feminist Experiences 13.30 – 14.45Claudia Matus and Valentina Errázuriz (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)#Binarygendernorm: Becoming-with Ethnographic Data and Art-Based Audiovisual Experiences
Pía Rodríguez (Universidad de O’Higgins)Mujeres En Situación De Discapacidad y Sus Procesos De Maternidad: Experiencias En Entornos Rurales De Chile
Bishakha Nandy (West Bengal State University)Defied Thresholds: Offender Correction As Viewed and Experienced By Women Ex-Inmates in West Bengal
Lubna Jebin (Monash University, Australia and Jagannath University, Bangladesh)Minimizing Power Hierarchy in Research Practices: Significance of Researcher’s Choices of Words, Language and Tone of Voice
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